Saturday, October 5, 2019

Good News! Good News!

Great things are happening in Kremenchuk! Nine months ago, we began our Church plant here in Kremenchuk. Over that 9 months the Church is growing. We have had 5 baptisms! We have found a place for our worship and English School. Our first worship service in the new building was in mid-September and now we have just finished our first week of our Family English School which we began on October 2nd.

In our Family English School, we have conducted 12 classes over 4 days with 51 people coming to these classes! That’s 51 MORE people than we would have been able to teach the gospel to if it wasn’t for holding our family English School! More than one half of these attending are adults! We have had a wonderful fun time teaching English AND the Bible in every class! God is so good and blessed us so abundantly. We are just getting started!!

Most everyone in our congregation has helped in someway in the establishing and running of the church and school! We have such a great family atmosphere! This has been a very successful group effort. I’m so thankful to have Olya and Yulya assisting in teaching the younger classes at the school and translating for me when I need it!

Some prayer requests: Our sister Inna’s sister has a very bad health issues with cancer. We need to raise more support as our success and outreach grows. We expected growth but with growth comes unexpected expenses. Our brother Sasha R. has had some real struggles with his health and his mother recently passed away.

Thank you for your love and participation in the work of the Lord here in Kremenchuk.

In Christian love,

Doug Berry