Saturday, November 30, 2019


We’ve been so busy! The last blog post was October 5th?!?! So much has happened with the Church and School over the last 2 months. God has been so good to us! He’s blessed us, loved us, strengthened us and guided us through many things. I’m so thankful to be His son!

 Let’s start with the Church. Over the last 2 months we’ve had our ups and downs in life and in attendance. Twice in the last 2 months we’ve set record attendances. We’ve also had a couple of Sundays when we had 6 or 8 people. This is the life of a small and growing (spiritually and physically) Church. We’ve had some of our church family go through tragedies and major health struggles. Some of these are still on going. It is through blessings and trials that we continue to grow in Christ and becoming closer together. We had a nice gathering for my birthday at my apartment with 30 in attendance coming and going! Then we had a Thanksgiving feast last Sunday after services at my apartment with 18 people coming.

 Our Family English School continues with faithful teachers and workers teaching classes 4 days a week. We’ve also had regular fun and movie nights that are a lot of fun. People from other Christian English Schools told us we would have larger numbers to start with and that some would drop out. They also told us that we would develop a strong core group that would stay with us through thick and thin. They were right on both situations. Those that are staying with us are becoming more and more like family all the time! We have 3 classes a day with 12 classes each week.

 Time flies when I think that I have now been in Ukraine for 9 months! My original plan that I am keeping was to be in Kremenchuk for 9 months and in the USA for 3 months. I go to Kiev tomorrow afternoon and fly out to the US on Monday, December 2nd to visit my family and friends, returning to Ukraine in March. Everything is in place. My two English teachers will take care of my classes that I have been teaching. I have written all the material necessary for the next 3 months for their classes. Artur, our faithful Ukrainian preacher, will guide the Church spiritually. He has been doing a great job for us the last 6 months!

 I will keep you updated as I am in the US. I’m going to Coppell, TX (by Dallas) first to visit my daughter Jenise and family. Then I go to York, NE to visit my son Ben and family. From there I’ll go to Bettendorf, IA to visit my daughter Janessa and family. Then I fly to WA to visit my son Butch and family. Along the way, I hope to visit several of my supporting Churches and individuals and share with them of the Lord’s work in Kremenchuk! Then I’ll come back home to Kremenchuk.