Saturday, November 28, 2020


In my last report I talked about my upcoming hip replacement surgery. I had that on done on September 3rd and it was successful. I spent about 3 weeks in recovery hospital, then had 2 weeks physical therapy at home (my daughter’s home where I was staying) and almost another month of outpatient physical therapy. I have come through strong and healthy.

 Back in Ukraine the Family English School (FES) opened on September 3rd to good and growing numbers! I am so proud of the team we have in place in Kremenchuk of our preacher and 2 English Teachers! They have and are doing such a great job!

 The number of COVID-19 cases in Ukraine have continue to skyrocket, as they have in the world. By the end of October, we had to make the hard decision to physically close the doors to the school and church building. The English classes and church service have continued to meet through Zoom. The numbers are down some because not everyone has access to Zoom, but most do. For the worship service, we moved the meeting time to 4pm so that I could join them at 8am (8 hours difference). The last 2 Sundays, Artur has been teaching a Bible Class from Acts and I have been preaching through a translator. I am so thankful that I can stay active and be with them this way.

 Artur (Ukrainian preacher) and one other sister have gotten the COVID and have recovered, but many in Ukraine have not recovered. COVID has grown to such a point in Ukraine it would be extremely dangerous and foolish for me to try and return at this time, even if I could. As soon as the numbers have decreased to what might be a safe level, then I will return. Our work continues, but just on a different level. I am sure everyone understands this as all face COVID every day! Of course, we can cut our expenses some, but we still need your constant continued support for the work to go forward. Thank you for all you do!

 As of this writing, I am in York, Nebraska with my son, Ben and family for the foreseeable future. People ask me what my plans are and I am taking that day by day. Please keep me and the work in Ukraine in your prayers. The work of the Lord goes on and forward!