Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Change Can Be Growth

Things are beginning to change here in Kremenchuk. I hope all for good, but some because of summer and some because of the change in attitude about COVID.

First, our Family English School has come to and end for this spring and will start up again in the fall. For most of March, April, and May we held classes online on Zoom. During this time, we had two groups of adult students: a beginners 2 group of 4 and an intermediate group of 3. I worked very closely with my two Ukrainian English teachers and translators. They did an exceptionally good job. This past year we covered much of the gospel stories and with the intermediate group we got into Acts 1-6. We had 2 classes a week with each group. The English and Bible progress was good! Right now our plans are to start up our school again about September 15th. We will do a large advertising program in August in September to kick off the school year!

For the same period, we continued to meet online with Zoom for our Sunday Bible Class and Worship and Wednesday night Bible Study. This past Sunday, May 31, 2020 we had our first meeting together at the church building in almost 3 months! We had 9 in attendance with several more choosing to stay online for the worship. It was great to be back together again!

Unfortunately, because of all the COVID, we will not have the Bible Camps that we had planned for this summer. The start of those will have to be next year.

Even though the numbers of COVID continue to grow, the numbers have flattened out and are not increasing. The number of new people with it are between 400-500 daily. In our city, the numbers have been relatively low.

The government offices opened today for me to get my temporary residency papers done. This will take 2-3 weeks to finish. After that I will fly back to the USA, Lord willing to get my hip replacement done and then to return to Kremenchuk about October 1st.  Very few of my plans have worked out so far this year, so please be praying that they will now!