Saturday, August 8, 2020


As Christians, we are to “fix our eyes on Jesus” and as the Apostle Paul says, “we are to press on to the upward call.” This indicates that we should be always moving forward. 

 I arrived in Coppell, TX three weeks ago with the hope of being able to have hip replacement surgery. After more than 2 weeks of seeing Doctors, I am moving forward with my surgery which is scheduled for August 27th! Now, I have almost 3 weeks to wait! I’m enjoying staying the Grottis home with my daughter Jenise and family! They are so exceptionally good to me! After surgery, I will have at least a 2 months of recovery time before I can go back to Ukraine, but after surgery that is my next goal. 

 Back in Ukraine the Church and Family English School (FES) are also moving forward! I want to point out that Ukraine has divided the country into 4 different sections as far as the seriousness of the COVID-19. The Poltava Region, which Kremenchuk is in, is considered the less serious and therefore is the most open to nearly everything. The public schools will all be open this fall! 

 The Church has been allowed to meet in public now for more than 2 months. The FES is in the ramping up to open on September 15th with an Open House on Saturday, September 12th. We will soon be putting major advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, in apartment buildings within ½ mile radius of the school. The great majority of people in this part of the city of Kremenchuk live in apartment buildings. We will also be putting flyers for our school in public schools as well. 

 My involvement, even though distant will be ongoing. I will make a video welcoming people to the school for the open house. I’ve continued to meet with my English Teachers and Artur our preacher while I’ve been gone. I will Zoom in on classes from time to time, even though our two English Teachers, Olya and Yulya will do the majority of teaching until I can get back. I’m very confident that Artur, Yulya and Olya will continue to do an outstanding job of leading the Church and teaching until I return! 

 I will keep you updated on future developments as they happen and Lord willing the news will all be great!