Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Lord Willing, Returning Is A Reality!

 Dear Friends,

 You know the ride that I have been on and you have blessed me so much by your loving support, prayers, and encouragement! Thank you!

The day before I had planned to return to Ukraine on April 12, I tested for Covid and received a positive result. Obviously, my plans to return were delayed again!

 I have completely recovered from Covid and had a negative test. My symptoms were light and I’m in good health. I will still have to be tested again next Monday before I leave. Please pray that this test will also come back negative so that I will be able to make my trip.

Lord willing, a week from today on May 5th I’ll fly out to Ukraine! I’ve been so blessed to find a direct flight from Dallas to Frankfurt and then on to Ukraine after an hour layover. This will cut my travel time down a lot! I have a Brother in Christ, who is also a missionary to Ukraine, that recently had no people on his flight home from Amsterdam to Atlanta!

The same Brother that I mentioned above was able to find and purchase a ventilator for the Church that he works with in Ukraine. I think that this a great way to serve! I’m going to look into this when I get to Ukraine. Also, I hope to work with an organization in Kremenchuk, run by one of our Brothers, that helps displaced people that have come out of the war zone in Ukraine. I want us to find more ways to serve and reach out to our community.

Love in Christ,

Doug Berry

Friday, February 5, 2021

Return to Ukraine MAY BE Insight!

The Mission work in Kremenchuk continues to be positive and ongoing. I have remained in York, NE with my son and family. Over the last few months I have shared in a Zoom Bible Class and Worship on Sundays in Kremenchuk. We have also had Zoom English classes at least twice a week and in Ukraine they have had more. Recently 12 people, including 4 people not members of the Church went to Lviv in western Ukraine for a retreat/seminar on the Second Coming of Christ. Reports said that it was great!

The COVID numbers have greatly decreased in Ukraine over the last month. This week I was added to the list to get the COVID vaccine. I’m not sure when I’ll get it, but hopefully I’ll be able to get to Ukraine MAYBE by the first of April! You know how it is for making plans these days!

I plan to lengthen my stay in Ukraine to a more permanent living arrangement by not returning to the States for my next visit to maybe July 2022 and then returning to Ukraine by the first of September 2022. Please pray that we will be able to carry out all our goals and plans!