Friday, May 1, 2020

Freedom From Isolation!

I feel trapped. I feel trapped inside my apartment in Kremenchuk, Ukraine where the number of COV-19 cases is growing in Ukraine by 400-500+ a day. Oh, I have Christian friends and neighbors that are taking care of me. I have started going out for early 5:30 in the morning walks when very few are out and about. I’ve been in isolation, like many, for nearly 2 months now.

I feel trapped in a body that wants to be useful, but my low back and hip hurt a lot. I guess that is what age will do to you! The going for the walks does help. I don’t sleep very well any more.

I feel trapped in my mind because I feel I have a lot to share and to teach, but it is harder than ever to get that done. I am much better face to face with people. I am going a bit crazy. Some of my friends and family would say that’s nothing new!

The difference is that I know that I have been set free in my soul through Jesus Christ! I hear God speaking to me through His Word every day and I can talk to Him about all things with trust and confidence that He hears and answers my prayers. I have been set free in my apartment because we are worshipping together online and teaching English Classes there too! I can call and talk to my children and friends in the US when the time difference is right without much problems. I have outlets of entertainment that is good and clean on my computer, iPad and phone that was unheard of 20 years ago! I can get any book I want to read and a lot of them are free! I have all the food I want and all I need is the incentive to get up and do some cooking.

One day I will be set free from this world to go home to be with God forever! I will no longer be trapped in this world, but I will be with Him with no pain, sorrow or hunger. Praise His Holy Name!