Tuesday, February 25, 2020


My Dad always told me to “Plan your work and work your plan.” Sounds good, right? That great advice didn’t really work out for me – at least NOT like I planned it!

In my last blog, I said I was going to the USA to visit my family in 4 different states and visit some supporting Churches, right? That’s about all that worked out! Let me tell you a little bit of the “rest of the story!”

I arrived in the Dallas, TX late December 2nd where my oldest daughter, Jenise and family live. On the 6th, I saw my new hip doctor for I needed a hip replacement. He sent me to a family Dr. to get an EKG, x-rays and blood tests. The EKG showed something abnormal in the left part of my heart. I was going to stay with Jenise through the hip surgery – that now cannot happen because of the heart. So Jenise & I decided that I should see the rest of the family and then come back for the hip surgery after I got the heart thing straightened out! Not quite how it worked out! I had a great time with Jenise, but my time there was too short.

I flew to Janessa, my youngest and family in Bettendorf, IA and I would get the stress test done there. Easier said than done! I was there a little over 3 weeks and finally got the stress test done – not good results. I did have a wonderful Christmas time with Janessa and family, but now I had to move on.
From IA I fly to York, NE to be with my youngest son Ben and family. I also had made an appointment with a Cardiologist in Lincoln, about 45 miles from Ben. The Dr. told me that I had blockages in the 3 main arteries and that 2 of those needed help. There was blockage of 80% and 90%. On January 24th I had 2 stents put into my heart. While in Nebraska for 5 weeks, I also spent about a week and half with natural path Dr. doing some treatments on my heart, lymph system and liver. I am thankful that I did that and feel it was of great benefit! While with the family, I again had a great time with the family even with all the heart stuff I had to do!

On February 13th I flew into Spokane, WA to visit supporting and overseeing Churches. This was a wonderful time of renewing old friendships in Spokane, Ephrata and Cashmere. On Sunday afternoon I met up with my oldest son, Douglas Jr. and family! I’ll be here for 10 days and fly back to TX on March 5th. I know that I will be blessed here too.

I will see my hip Dr. on the 6th, get a shot in my hip for pain on the 10th, fly back to Ukraine on the 11th and arrive back in Kremenchuk on the 12th! I’ll have to wait at least 6 months to a year before I can have the hip replaced because of my heart. I would really appreciate your prayers!