Saturday, June 1, 2019

Who Held the Ropes?

by Steve Higginbotham
May 31, 2019
Who was the U.S. President that was shot on March 31, 1981? Surely, most people reading this would be able to correctly respond, "Ronald Reagan." But what if I were to ask for the name of the Washington D.C. police officer who stepped in front of President Reagan and took a bullet that was intended for the President?  Could you tell me his name?  I'm guessing that most people would not be able to recall his name.

This is just one example of countless individuals who have made notable differences in the world, but who have all but been forgotten by history. The Bible records one such example in Acts 9:23-25. The Jews in Damascus were so angry with Paul, they plotted to kill him (Acts 9:23). The Jews had all the exits to the city watched, day and night, to catch Paul. But learning of the plot, some nameless brethren let Paul down through the city wall in a large basket (Acts 9:25). Had these nameless brethren not been willing to hold the ropes for Paul, his ministry may have been snuffed out before it even started.

Then there's your story. You may never be in the limelight. Your name may never become a household name, but you can make an eternal difference in the lives of countless people. You may not be the next "apostle Paul," but you can hold the rope, can't you? May I encourage you to stop focusing on what you can't do and your limitations, and look around you and "grab a rope!"

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