Sunday, August 25, 2019

Where We Are & Where We Are Going

We have been blessed by so many in the States and in Ukraine to help the work of the Lord here in Kremenchuk move forward! God be praised! We want to take a quick look at where we have come from to where we are. Then we will look at where we will go with the Lord’s help and those that work with us and support us in this work.

Phase 1: Establish and plant a new church of Christ in Kremenchuk. This has been clearly and successfully begun! Over the last few weeks, even with summer vacations, we have averaged 14. This last Sunday we had 15, the week before 17 – and this is with several out of town. Our contribution has been growing and steady as well. This shows a growth and maturity of the local congregation.

We have been to two Bible Camps this summer with great results and blessings. We have had 5 baptisms in the month of August. Other Bible studies are ongoing with other people as well. A final note is that we have had an online fund raiser to help Inna, the Christian mother of 5 teenager Orphans raise the money she needs to fix her roof. We raised over $1,200.00 in under 3 days for needs for the home.

Phase 2: Find and hire a native Ukrainian preacher to work with us. Artur Litvinenko joined us in the work on June 3rd. Over the last 2 ½ months we are becoming more aware of what a jewel of a Brother in Christ we have! He handles ½ of the preaching and Bible Classes we teach along with working with the youth.

Phase 3: the establishment of a church building to also be used as an English Bible School. We have found a building that we think will fit our needs very well! This is more than what we have budgeted but we do believe that God will provide through the generous support from our Christian family of the Church in the USA. I’ll put the budget plans shortly in an email to everyone on my email list, but not here in the blog. If you want more information about these financial plans and budgets, please let me know.

There are 3 very successful English Bible Schools being run in Ukraine right now by 3 different churches of Christ. In September, myself and 2 others are going to visit 2 of these schools to see what they are doing so we can incorporate their successes into what we want to do here in Kremenchuk.

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