Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Lord Willing, Returning Is A Reality!

 Dear Friends,

 You know the ride that I have been on and you have blessed me so much by your loving support, prayers, and encouragement! Thank you!

The day before I had planned to return to Ukraine on April 12, I tested for Covid and received a positive result. Obviously, my plans to return were delayed again!

 I have completely recovered from Covid and had a negative test. My symptoms were light and I’m in good health. I will still have to be tested again next Monday before I leave. Please pray that this test will also come back negative so that I will be able to make my trip.

Lord willing, a week from today on May 5th I’ll fly out to Ukraine! I’ve been so blessed to find a direct flight from Dallas to Frankfurt and then on to Ukraine after an hour layover. This will cut my travel time down a lot! I have a Brother in Christ, who is also a missionary to Ukraine, that recently had no people on his flight home from Amsterdam to Atlanta!

The same Brother that I mentioned above was able to find and purchase a ventilator for the Church that he works with in Ukraine. I think that this a great way to serve! I’m going to look into this when I get to Ukraine. Also, I hope to work with an organization in Kremenchuk, run by one of our Brothers, that helps displaced people that have come out of the war zone in Ukraine. I want us to find more ways to serve and reach out to our community.

Love in Christ,

Doug Berry

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